Angela Villon's Rising Political Career

Written by Jacques

Now with the 2016 election being over, Las Vegas escorts are seeing more business than ever. Politicians the world over seem to get sleazier each year, with most outspoken candidates running on morality platforms getting caught over and over in the company of escorts and...

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Cinderella Left Her Shoe For A Reason

Written by Tyra

Cinderella left her shoe behind for a reason. Little known was the fact that the Prince had a serious foot fetish. Most people don't know even his name, however, it's been suggested that it is because his name was Prince Podophilia.

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People's Oddest Fetishes

Written by Patrick

Sex is a topic that has many different facets to it. Most people enjoy it, fantasize about it, and want to have it on a fairly consistent basis. Like 24/7 sex, sex, sex!

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Crazy Sexy Laws Around the Globe

Written by Bunny

If you've been following social media lately, you've probably heard that news about Michigan updating their sex laws. Specifically, they updated an old bestiality law that technically makes it punishable by up to 15 years in prison for having anal or oral sex.

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Common Lesbian Misconceptions

Written by Primrose

In the world of sex, almost nothing invokes more confusion and awkward conversation than the topic of lesbianism. Whether the questions and misunderstandings come from men, straight women or lesbians themselves, there are a great many myths and mysteries that abound.

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