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The resident advisor for, Veronika's views are based on her personal experience and is not intended to be taken as qualified medical psychological or professional advice. Veronika is a nice girl, and we love her, but she's just giving your point of view and nothing more. We encourage you to enjoy these stories and suggestions, and, if you like, heed the advice at your own risk. Most of all, enjoy yourself and be careful!

Hey there, everyone! In case you don't know me, I'm Veronika. I dish out sex advice in answer to your -- my readers! -- questions here at on a regular basis. Adding in some guffaws and giggles to it really makes my day since I love to laugh and have a wicked sense of humor. Really, no topic is off limits here guys and I encourage you to shoot me a comment down below so you can get my advice on your most befuddling sex questions.

Veronika here! I'm back in my little corner of the interwebs at and ready to tackle your most intimate, silly or embarrassing questions about sex and any sex related topics you might think up! Ready to shoot me your questions? Just comment down below and I'll be sure to put it in the queue so I can answer it as soon as possible. I love love love hearing from my readers and thrive on the back and forth interactions I have with them! I invite you to join me today! Now let's get started with our question for today!

Hey there! Veronika here! It's good to be back here at and I'm grateful that they host my little corner of the interwebs where I can spout off about my very favorite subject in the whole wide world -- SEX! I love being here and especially love interacting with my readers on a regular basis. It keeps things very real around here and I feed off the social aspect of it as well. Okay, enough of all that! Let's get right to our question for this session!

Hi there! It's Veronika and I'm back with another reader question about something that everybody loves -- breasts! Yes, my advice column here at is focused squarely on sex. As long as there is some kind of link to sex, I'm willing to entertain the question. If it leads to a funny story or has a humorous spin to it, then I will bring your question to the front of the line!

Hello all! I'm Veronika, the advice columnist here at I'm excited to present you with another fun topic for discussion. I'm glad to have you join me and can't wait to talk to all my readers for this session. Let's get right to the question for today.

Hi there and welcome to my sex advice column here at! I'm so happy that you've joined me today and can't wait to get started. First, a bit of a preface. As a woman from the United States, I think I can safely say that most of my fellow ladies are used to seeing a cut penis -- meaning one that has been circumcised. As the movement to automatically cut baby boys continues to gain momentum, we'll likely see more and more of these uncircumcised members.

Hello there readers! This is Veronika here! I hope you are all doing well and thinking of your own pressing sex questions to send to me. I'd love to explore some hot sex questions here on Sex-Press-Release. com. Maybe we can all learn some new information about our favorite topic -- sex!

Let's get started with our latest reader question as you ponder your own that you will soon send in to me so I can answer it. This question is about one of my favorite subjects -- sex toys!

Hey there! It's Veronika! I'm back to talk up my fave subject with those people I love best -- my readers! If you've been following along so far, you know that I answer lots of different kinds of questions but they all have sex as their central theme. I've made it my life's mission to enjoy the many aspects of sex. But I don't go about it in a dry, boring, this is your health textbook kind of way. Instead, I offer a large dollop of humor because -- next to sex -- laughing is my favorite thing!

Hey there! Veronika here with another installment of my sex ed column here at They are the perfect place for me to spout off about sex and relationships with a large helping of comedy and -- of course, FUN! Let's get right to the question that I'm going to answer for this session.

Hey there readers! I'm Veronika and I'm glad to welcome you back to my little slice of paradise here at Each column is devoted to questions that you -- my readers -- shoot my way. No subject is off limits so I encourage you to send in your deepest and darkest questions that have been eating away at you, but that you are afraid to ask your best friend, boyfriend or therapist. That being said, let's move right to our current question.

Hello my dear readers! Veronika here for another rollicking round of sex talk, giggling and heavy breathing as I reach into my mail bag and pull out the best of your questions to answer. As always, I love to hear from my readers so I want you to either send me mail using the contact form here on