Sex Tech

Written by Billy Bob

A generation ago, video games players could be defined with just a few categories: male, single, desperate...

plug-inA generation ago, video games players could be defined with just a few categories: male, single, desperate.  While there's no doubt that plenty of neckbeards remain avid gamers, the industry has evolved to the point where there's quite a few hot chicks online, some of whom aren't even trying to scam you for credit card numbers.  Women aren't even a minority anymore: PC gamers who sit down to pee outnumber their counterparts these days, with the gap growing wider each day.  Nor are chicks going exclusively for the bright and colorful games like Candy Crush and Mario, with big titles like World of Warcraft counting anywhere from a third to half of their core users as dames.  With all the online estrogen starting to balance out all the online testosterone, video games have become a fantastic place to hook up and get off, whether in person or through the pixels of your computer screen.

Chick Magnets

What makes video games such a great place for porking?  For starters, women find they can get a lot of attention (which, in case you haven't heard, they need more than air and water) without having to give up any goods.  Unlike a standard date where there's an expectation of a BJ at the end, girl gamers can talk for hours on end in video games without having to worry about getting a skid mark on their sheets at the end.  While some games shield the identity of their users and make it impossible to tell gender without asking straight up, others require a headset and microphone to communicate, making it pretty easy to tell who has fun bits that dangle and who does not.  As you may expect, one woman in an online group or quest will quickly attract a lot of horny dudes, allowing her to carefully select the high-profile guys, like those who regularly shower, for further examination.  Dudes like it too, because there's no element of commitment to online flirtation.  Of a poll of 1000 players who log into The Elder Scrolls Online regularly (NEEEEEEEEERDS), 45% said that they preferred starting a relationship from a video game rather than from "Netflix and chill" hookup apps like Tinder or OKCupid, compared with just 39% who like swiping right. 



Getting Down

So how prevalent is sex in online gaming?  Provided you're a good looking guy or girl, it's pretty ample.  Never before has it been easier to hook up over the Interwebs thanks to social media gaming platforms like Steam and Raptr, where users can compare game reviews as well as trade saucy pictures.  There's video game dating sites like Shag A Gamer that advertise their product with a very average-looking dude surrounded by two very not-average-looking babes, and while Shag A Gamer probably has demographics similar to Ashley Madison (99% dudes and 1% female-impersonating bots), it's a success story of hookup culture.  So too are the video gaming conventions where women wear costumes that reveal damn near everything, cosplaying sexy video game characters like Bayonetta or Lara Croft.


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