Written by Lina

If a bunch of guys hang out together long enough, sooner or later, the talk will turn to escorts.

If a bunch of guys hang out together long enough, sooner or later, the talk will turn to escorts. This conversation usually falls somewhere between the argument about the designated hitter rule and the discussion of which 90's sitcom star they'd like to sleep with. The conversation usually goes something like this: The one friend, usually a single friend, admits to going to see an escort or two. His buddies, particularly the married ones, laugh at him and call him a loser for having to "Pay for it." He responds with something to the effect of "You guys are paying for it, too. The only difference is that you're paying half of your salaries upfront, while I'm paying a few hundred bucks, cash on delivery." He might have a point.



Married Men Also Pay To Have Sex

How much does the average married man pay for sex? The general rule of thumb is half of your salary, since in a perfect world a marriage is a 50/50 partnership.  So, say a guy is making a nice, comfortable $80,000 per year. He's paying $40,000 for sex. I know what you're thinking. "It's more than just sex, he's paying for friendship, companionship, the joyful sharing of two souls and the formation of a unified family." I hate to break this to you, but guys are paying for sex, and sex alone. So how much bang is a married man getting for his buck? It's a tough question, because there is a definite slope to the married sex graph. You may start at like 12 times a week, but at the 10 year mark you may be down to five and at the 20 year mark it may be more like two. Beyond that you may be looking at birthdays, anniversaries and whenever she gets a chance to read that "special" section of her Kindle book files.

It All Cums Down To Frequency

Let's say over the course of your prime sex years it will average to about four times a week.  If you take out the week that you have the flu and the week that she's not speaking to you because you commented favorably on her sister's ass, That's 50 weeks times 4 nights of fun, for a total of 200 romps. That means that you've essentially hired yourself a  $200 a session escort. If your average session lasts eight hours, you're getting a great deal. If you're a two minute man, you're getting a pretty bad deal (although, admittedly, not as bad a deal as your wife).  Of course, the unspoken truth here is that some married men double down and pay for sex with their and with escorts.

Paying For Sex With Escorts

What does $200 a session get you in the professional escort world? It depends on where you are and how long your session is, but in general, you're not dealing with the high end here. There is another factor to consider, though. Are you really going to hire an escort four times a week? Probably not. The fact is that, whether you want to admit it or not, some marital dates are obligatory. A date with an escort if predominantly a matter of choice--when you're ready, you call. Say you were to hire an escort only on your days off, twice a week. Now you're up in the 400 dollar range and things are starting to look a lot more entertaining.

Many Guys Take The Chances Anyway

But wait, there are dangers and drawbacks to hiring an escort for all of your companionship needs, too. What if you get arrested? What if your friends find out? What if you get a little more than you bargained for? And what if you die alone and miserable, having no spouse to share your life with. What about kids? There is a counterpoint to each of these arguments from the other angle. What about in-laws, watching "Chick flicks," having to ask permission (or sneak out) to see your buddies, "Honey do" lists, divorce proceedings and, again, what about children? I'm not saying that one choice or the other is the right one for you, I'm just saying that on the surface, it appears to be kind of a wash.