Sex Tech

Written by Jacques

With all the controversy in the news about Ashley Madison's website it may be an important time to look at your own sexual needs.

cybersavesCybersex sometimes may lend itself to live, face to face meetings, (often terrible and disappointing moments) but it can also be used as a healthy expression of sexual wishes and wants.  There are times when one lover wants a certain experience and the other one is not interested in going there.  This can be the breeding ground for affairs and painful feelings of rejection on both sides.  There are some ways to work with these websites and welcome them into your life in a positive and exciting way through humor and a good attitude.  Since it is impossible to be all things for a person at all times, there are other options that technology can offer.  

Adding Some Online Spice 

Include role playing, dress up times, dress down times, strip teases and dirty dancing.  There are countless ways to please a lover, even if your attempt is ridiculous and causes nothing but pure laughter, the wall is coming down and that prudish lady is thawing out.



At one point this was the moment when those awful porno flicks from the seventies with terribly dated haircuts an music would be forced into a broken VCR.  But today, with internet sex there is immediate satisfaction and gratification available at all times.  Computers can be a friendly sex partner or tool as well.   It is possible to see these web sites as opportunities to get closer to your lover if you can open your mind and heart, as well as some other things,  to see the importance of searching for ways to please everyone in the bed---you included.  This may be as simple as honey dust and a feather or as intense as a Dominatrix outfit.  The cool thing is, you are in charge and can allow it to go in any direction that feels right for you.  Statistics show that a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive things about someone, so let it all go and see what happens.

Let's talk about sex

Discussion of sex with your partner is hopefully an easy and open experience, but some people are tight lipped and difficult to share your fantasies with.  This may be when one partner looks to alternative paths to get their desires met.  So, before you are facing major relationship stressors you may want to introduce cybersex as a way to allow your lover and you to express yourselves with freedom.   You can also brighten and lighten the mood with adorable panties---men and women--to show how fun sex can actually be.  Many people have hang-ups that can just freeze you out.  The best thing about cyber sex is the anonymity in them.  There are so many options and so many people out there doing this that it is becoming a normal part of sex for many couples.   Just knowing what your lover may have as a hidden desire or fantasy can bring you closer as well.  You may find out that there are overlapping needs and this can be a huge relief.

Explore Voyeurism Together With The Web

Bring the computer to bed with you, sharp edges and all.  Internet access is obviously necessary and the screen size may be important as well.   Suggest a site and then let your lover search for something that is interesting to them, and then switch.  You are going to be surprised as to what may actually turn on your lover.  There may be things that you can incorporate into your intimate times together after exploring bizarre and crazy online content.  There is no end to what your lover may find sexy, including you!  You may also find that your lover has a dark side and want to hand cuff or blind fold you and feed you bologna sandwiches.  You just never know until you try.

An open mind

It is so taboo, which we all love to fantasize about,  to even be able to have this type of conversation and encounter for some couples who may be suffering through their normal and boring sex life.  Just discussing this with your lover may really open things up so that they are more willing to do things that please you and vice versa.  If you see your lover watching a sexual scene online and they look excited and interested, this can open up another level of fantasy for you.  Seeing that there are women or men in the world who are open to certain sexual appetites may help break that ice in your relationship.  You may find that this activity is a great starting place for your love making.  Some couples can really use it as an alternative to going outside the relationship for the crazy sex that they believe you will not participate in for them.  Most likely you will surprise yourself and them.