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Hello everyone! I'm excited to be here and welcome you to the newest feature on Sex-Press-Release.com. I'm Veronika, and if you are a fan of porn sites, then it's likely that you've seen my hot body in action and compromising positions somewhere online. I'm not just some hot babe though I also have a naughty sense of humor. I had to keep a lid on my perverse sense of humor while I was filming so I'm excited to be able to combine them both here.


I've Always Gotten Attention For My Looks

You could say that I got my sexual awakening at a fairly early age. I've always gotten a lot of attention for my looks. Once my body started sprouting, it wasn't long before I was finding different ways to pleasure myself. I'm a very sensual person with an inborn passion that really comes out in when I'm using my body. Once I turned 18, I left my small Midwestern town and moved to New York City to fulfill my restless spirit's need for new conquests and adventures. I actively sought out the adult film industry and was not disappointed in what I discovered. I found an outlet for my passion and my body's need for sex. 


I got my sexual awakening at a fairly early age...


My body is not the only thing that has a nearly insatiable need for change, growth and pleasure. My mind also craves challenges so I paid my way through college and got a psychology degree. Through some creative -- and sex-laced -- thoughts, I found a way to meld my knowledge of sex and psychology. Then I zapped it with a huge dose of my snarky humor in the form of a sex advice column. A combination of Dr. Ruth and Dr. Drew but lots of my own special brand of humor thrown in is what you can expect when you land here.


I'm Using My Sexy Mind Now

I'm retired from the porn film business in part because I couldn't have sex and play around with my humorous side at the same time. Sex-Press-Release.com and I have the same type of humor so our partnership is going to be exciting, sexy, crazy, funny and real. A few times a week, I'll be here shooting out sexy  and raunchy advice about anything you might be curious about. True to my curiosity and perverse sense of humor, there won't be any topics that are out of bounds. Of course, you can expect lots of sex talk that will make your boner grow and your clit twitch, but it won't all be sex and games. Well, maybe it will but you can also expect to have thoughtful conversations about sex -- interjected with lots of humor.


I hope you enjoy my words. Really. And please be sure to leave me a comment either way!