Should You And Your Ex Do It?

You know you want to. Looking at that person, your shared sexual history is permeating the air between you two...

sexwithexYou know you want to. Looking at that person, your shared sexual history is permeating the air between you two. So what if you are sitting at the mediation meeting of your divorce proceedings. Or if normally you can’t stand the sight of him or her. Sometimes a look, or the smell of that person will take you back to old times. Sex times. Maybe you were dynamite in the sack together? And you just. Have. To. Have. It. Again.  Many people go back to having sex with an ex, even if it’s probably not in anyone’s best interest. If you are on the fence about jumping back into bed with your former flame, then there are two important things to consider before you do it again.

Are You Still In Love?

This is not going to help you get over your ex if you are still holding a torch in your heart for them. If you are just completely out of love with them, but still miss the familiarity of their body through sex, then you probably could dive back into bed with them without forming a significant emotional attachment. Go for it. Satisfy that old flame.

Be honest with yourself though, stay away if you are still in love. Period. This is especially true if they were the one who ended the relationship. You are only going to prolong your pain by being physical with them while you are separated, in the process of a divorce, and there is no hope for reconciliation. Your poor heart will end up smashed to itsy bitsy bits. Sorry to say.

Do You Have Kids Together?

This is a tricky line to cross when you have small children around. If you are both set on the divorce then if your kids accidentally figure out what is going on with you two, for example if you are broken up, but they see you come out of the bedroom together in the morning after “daddy has moved out” then they might get their hopes up that you are getting back together. Don’t do this to them. Seriously. They will need years of therapy to deal with your breakup if it’s not solid.



Be Very Discreet And Careful

Or at least be very discreet and careful that they don't find out. You know, go to a hotel like decent people that sneak around! There is nothing worse than having a child get used to a separation, and then thinking their parents are going to get back together. It’s sadly confusing for them to go back and forth on your journey just so you can get some action from your ex. That’s what Tinder is for. Hooking up with a hot stranger is way better than sex with old douche pickle. (What? You don't call your ex that?) I do.

Either way sex with an ex might feel good, very very good since they know all your hot touch buttons, but unless it’s going to make your life better in some way (probably not though), then it is a much smarter choice to keep your pants on until you are on to your next new relationship.