People's Oddest Fetishes

Sex is a topic that has many different facets to it. Most people enjoy it, fantasize about it, and want to have it on a fairly consistent basis. Like 24/7 sex, sex, sex!

people fetishSex is a topic that has many different facets to it. Most people enjoy it, fantasize about it, and want to have it on a fairly consistent basis. Like 24/7 sex, sex, sex! I know I do. Yet, for some people what many categorize as “normal sex” doesn't quite do it for them. It doesn't get their blood pumping to all the right places unless it has a certain element of deviancy. Now I'm not talking anything insane like sex with horses, or anything illegal. There are certain widely accepted fetishes that a little bizarre. Nancy Friday a popular American author that explores sexual fantasies of women in many of her books says that fetishes are a natural normal part of life. One of her most recent books explores this topic called Beyond My Control: Forbidden Fantasies in an Uncensored Age. Here are some of people's oddest fetishes, because well, to each his own right? A little strange never hurt anyone.



Foot Fetishes

I'm not going to say specifically what my ex-husband liked me to do to him with my feet, but let's just say it was a definite fetish. Women's feet in particular can be nice, I guess because this seems to be an exclusively male fetish. Sometimes it involves high heels, but other times it's just plain bare toe up feet. Hopefully clean feet. Yeesh. My feet are gorgeous, so I guess if he wanted them rubbed all over his junk than that was his prerogative.

Latex and BDSM

Blame this on all the soccer moms that loved the heck out of the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” What used to lurk in the back rooms of sex clubs has hit the suburban housewives bedroom. There is actually a huge population/community of BDSM and NURU massage in Washington DC. The An S&M fetish can involve a variety of fun props and latex outfits. You have to decide how comfortable you are being tied up, whipped, and humiliated. Keep in mind it's helpful to use a safe word if you want to stop. I like a silly word, like CheeseWhiz if I'm getting spanked too hard. Don't judge me.


This is the fetish of having sex with a mannequin or sex doll. This is a very popular fetish due to the company “Real Dolls” which manufactures well real looking dolls that people can have sex with. Even the website creeps me out a bit. No offense to people that like the “world's finest love doll.” You have to be rich to own one, they retail anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. For the bargain shopper you can go to Real Love Sex Dolls for a cheaper version that's less expensive, but just as nice. They even have one that looks like Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft movies. Super realistic if you want to bang Brad PItt's wife.


One of the oldest time-tested fetishes, obviously that has filtered into the modern age is voyeurism. Just look at all the internet porn that is available. It's everywhere and most of it's free. How cool is that perverts? Just kidding. You can even watch sexual situations in real time on a live web feed of basically with just about anything you are into. So no matter what you like to see it's out there. I did some research on this, and boy my history feed is full of some out there stuff. Clowns having sex. Saw it. People who dress like donkeys having sex. They have that too. Men who dig having sex with buildings. Yep. All there on the web for your viewing pleasure. Google at your own risk.

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