Written by Bunny

It just might be impossible for the fight between these competing sex conventions not to turn dirty. Three rival, popular sex conventions is LA have come to proverbial blows over none other than the issue of venue.

laconventionsUnable to reach an amicable resolve, the future of LA sex conventions is officially in limbo due to erupting feuds over who gets dominion over one of the cities biggest venues, the LA Convention Center. In fact, the managers of Adultcon – the largest and most notorious of the three, have already opted to pull-out on an array of pre-scheduled shows. This is due to the fact that the city is also allowing their popular competitors, Exxxotica and the Everything to Do With Sex Show to hold events at the same time. 



In an ironically childish display, companies such as  Adultcon throw tantrums such as these out of brand insecurity. Rather than thanking their thousands of naughty fans by throwing a great event, companies like Adultcon represent a new age phenomenon in which businesses literally throw tantrums in order to try and garner more brand security, rather than stepping up to the plate and finding new, innovative ways to maintain their fan base. 

A 3-Way Tryst

A convention that is projected to attract approximately 30,000 customers per event, Adultcon is certainly in the position to make a few demands. By comparison, Exxxotica is projected to host around 15,000 guests while the Everything to Do With Sex Show  expects around 2,000. Clearly making much more than their two bottom competitors combined, the fear of losing loyal fans to the other up and coming conventions, is the driving force behind the feud. What's more, this paranoia was likely fueled by Exxxotica's  far less than apologetic response to the rumored rivalry. 

'Adultcon attempts to be our competition but, to be honest, we don't see them anywhere but in our rearview mirror,' Handy said. 'We are the Mall of America and they are the flea market down the street' from an Exxxotica representative, as according to the LA Times

This far from friendly and humble response seems to be an indication that there is not only a clash brewing between these brands but also that  Exxxotica has every intention on dominating over on  Adultcon's  already massive base of captive fans.

Nevertheless, so far, it seems that the city of LA is more inclined to side with the spirit of competition. Although they more than welcome each of the risque conventions to set up shop as often as they'd like, they also seem far from convinced that they need to have allegiance to any particular brand. While it's obviously unnerving  to have to face the very real possibility of losing ground to your competition, the least popular of the trio, the Everything To Do With Sex Show seems wildly optimistic by the turn of events. According to the LA Times, Mikey Singer, a manager of the brand retorted with the following statement:

"If you have the money and you want to take the risk, why shouldn't you?" he said. "Competition is what drives innovation."

In other words, it seems as though the only company truly concerned with the rivalry is Adultcon. Poised to either rise to the occasion or cower and concede to the greatness that is Exxxotica, one thing's for sure, fans of adult entertainment won't be running out of potential festivities soon. Either way, if Adultcon flat out refuses to compete, it seems that they are simply capitulating to the fact that  Exxxotica just might be a better company.   

Nevertheless, this capitalistic copycat conundrum will ultimately spawn a whole new level of X-rated entrepreneurship. Despite Adultcon's unwillingness to play ball, other, similar companies will likely soon be launched in order to put a bit of fire under the preexisting competition. What's more, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out how frivolous it is for Adultcon to attempt to limit  the vastness that is adult entertainment, to the confines of one measly (although relatively massive) brand. Perhaps, one day we'll all be lucky enough for the all of the sex brands to suck it up and get in bed together. The wide world of pornography can only hope...