Angela Villon's Rising Political Career

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Politicians the world over seem to get sleazier each year, with most outspoken candidates running on morality platforms getting caught over and over in the company of escorts and enjoying the drugs they pass stricter laws against. In light of the sheer hypocrisy of the politicians who criminalize sex work while patronizing the very same services, a sex worker by the name of Angela Villon has decided to run for office in Peru. She's tired of politicians bending over for favors from their rich friends and then criticizing her and her fellow sex workers for doing the same thing.

"The Country's Largest Brothel"

Angela Villon feels that she's prepared to deal with the backbiting and underhanded atmosphere of Peru's Congress because she's already spent years dealing with all kinds of situations on the job. She refers to the Congress as Peru's largest brothel, a sentiment that many fellow Peruvians agree with as their trust of elected officials drops. It only stands to reason since con is the opposite of pro that many politicians act like Congress should stand in the way of all progress, but Villon doesn't agree. She wants to become the country's first known sex worker to become a political figure so she can shed light on the dignity and hard work of her fellow escorts, strippers, and other emotional laborers. Since senator is what you call a lawyer who can't hack it in the courtyard, she should be able to handle the challenges just fine since she managed to keep her business running in secret for decades.

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While she does plan to increase protections for women who chose sex work for themselves, she also wants to increase policies and actions to rescue trafficking victims and prevent domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women. Villon understands that there's a fine line between legalizing all forms of sex work and protecting women and children from abuse in dangerous situations, and she wants to help the Peruvian government walk that fine line by using her real life experiences to bring a personal face to this less publicized part of the country's culture. She also wants to spread awareness in Congress for many other less conservative topics that are usually overlooked entirely, like LGBT rights. Homosexuality should be a familiar topic to politicians who spend so much time on mandates, but it's still treated like a taboo due to the country's strong machismo attitude.

Becoming Recognized

Not only is Villon pushing for protection to help women in trouble, she wants the ones who are happy with their business to have access to even more tools to succeed. For example, she's fired up about the fact that sex workers in Peru can't take out loans or set up any official business registrations because they must stay under the radar. Uruguay's model of legalized prostitution, which has made a big impact in the rates of violence against women and unnecessary arrests of sex workers, make help her make her points if she does become elected. The Uruguay system even provides retirement benefits for workers who register and pay taxes like any other self-employed person.

Angela Villon has a strong message and the support of a liberal party, but she's facing some steep competition with 2,500 fellow candidates and only 130 congressional seats. However, she might just win if she can rally the Peruvians who are ready to become one of the more progressive countries in the world by embracing and protecting their sex workers and all women regardless of profession. Since politicians can find an excuse to weasel out of anything except for office, she's got a good chance of enjoying a few consecutive terms in Congress if she can get her foot in the door.