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Hey there, everyone! In case you don't know me, I'm Veronika. I dish out sex advice in answer to your -- my readers! -- questions here at on a regular basis. Adding in some guffaws and giggles to it really makes my day since I love to laugh and have a wicked sense of humor. Really, no topic is off limits here guys and I encourage you to shoot me a comment down below so you can get my advice on your most befuddling sex questions.



Today, Zack helps us out with his timely question about girls and what they really mean when they utter that word that many guys don't like to hear -- "NO."

Veronika, I'm a young male (I don't want to give my age because I'm not as experienced as many guys my age) and, I guess I'm a late bloomer because girls are just now starting to notice me. I'm starting to get some mixed signals from them that make it seem like they want more from me even though they are saying no. What I want to know is this: does "No" really mean no? Zack

Yea, Zack, in a word -- "no" does really mean "no."h This means even if the girl in question seems to be joking about it or otherwise not serious, if she says "no, stop doing that," you need to listen to her. I know it can be highly confusing -- irritating even! -- if a girl starts saying no when you two have been joking around. Who knows the reasons behind her reaction but she could very well be trying to save face or not embarrass either one of you by trying to make a joke of it. On the other hand, she could be wary of making you mad with her refusal so she's trying to keep the mood as light as possible.

Keep Your Snake In Your Pants

There's been a lot of press in recent years about girls saying "yes" but being too drunk or high to really realize what's going on. Do yourself a favor, Zack, and if the girl you're with is that out of it, keep your happy snake in your pants. While you two might have been partying buddies and both be equally fucked up, don't take that chance and make a decision that could ruin both of your lives. Besides, if you have the opportunity to bang that little hottie you've been lusting over, wouldn't you rather that she remember it and want to come back for seconds or even thirds?

What do you think, dear readers? If this bang now, ask questions later culture that we have going on, is my advice sound? Guys, have you been faced with a girl that told you "no" at a point in time that surprised you or even pissed you off? Girls, have you ever found yourself in the predicament of saying "no" when you knew it was going to make him mad? Okay, readers! I want to know how you'd handle the above scenarios if they happened to you.

~ Veronika signing off here at until next time!

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