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chrissiesexworkerThe definition of a sex worker is a “person who exhibits sexual explicit behavior, such as a prostitute.” This can cover a wide range of sexual acts. Either way though if you are someone who sells their body for sex you might be called a hooker.

Chrissie Hynde the famous founding member of the 70’s and 80’s rock band The Pretenders made an interesting comment the other day in an interview with the BBC’s “Woman’s Hour.” She made a reference that today’s pop stars were like sex workers who are “provoked by our pornography culture.

Causing Upset For Publicity?

Obviously many people were upset by these comments. Maybe she made them to get publicity for her new book that is coming out called “Reckless: My Life As a Pretender.” Or maybe she really does think that today’s young pop stars are exhibiting too much sexually charged behavior. She has tried to clarify her comments in a recent “Good Morning America” appearance, but she only dug herself deeper into her hole of an opinion.



maybe she really does think that today’s young pop stars are exhibiting too much sexually charged behavior

Using sex to sell yourself in the music industry for a woman is nothing new. Picture how Madonna when she came up to popularity in the 80’s with her “Life a Virgin” song, and her much talked about performance of it on the MTV Video Awards. There she was writhing around on the stage, half dressed in a lingerie getup, and singing boldly about being “touched for the first time.” Madonna pushed the envelope of sexuality in her performance pieces, videos, and music. She is still at it today at 50 years old, being photographed in outfits that one would hardly call modest, but is she a sex worker? Uh no.


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Do Today's Pop Stars Still Use Sex To Sell?

Neither are today’s batch of pop starlets. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Beyonce are some of the most popular ones. Do they wear skimpy costumes, and gyrate their hips when they sing their songs or perform in their music videos? To a certain extent yes. Does that make them sex workers? Uh no again. It just makes them more likely to sell their music, their concert tickets, and their merchandise. They are part of the pop culture lexicon, and being sexual will help them stay that way. People are interested in seeing titillating images of females and males as well. They aren’t excluded just because they are men. Remember Magic Mike XXL? Seeing those hot actors, dancing half naked drove people to the theatres in high numbers. Are those men sex workers? No, I don’t think so. We’d have to see what Chrissie Hynde would say about that!


Story by Juniper

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