dump bill

It was just revealed that for the first time, Hillary Clinton is trailing Bernie Sanders in national polls. And while her team is sitting back wondering what it can do to boost her numbers, we already have a great idea. Dump Bill! Here are a few of the reasons why dumping Bill Clinton can help Hillary boost her poll numbers.



She Can Win Over the Feminist Vote

Hillary Clinton has long promoted herself as a feminist. But its hard to buy into that when she has stood by a man with a long history of cheating scandals and stories. While standing by your man may have been admired in the 1950s, most women today will kick a habitual cheater to the curb. Showing other women that she is strong and will not stand by a man that doesn't respect her can earn Mrs. Clinton the respect of feminist and other women who have found themselves in a similar situation.

She Can Earn Some Much Needed Press

Let's be honest here. Donald Trump has shown how skillfully he can deter from politics and keep the press focused on him. Hillary Clinton can turn the tables and steal some of the attention away from Donald Trump by filing for divorce. She can do news stories and magazine articles about her story and her decision to finally leave. This can help deter away from some of the negativity surrounding her political decisions and paint her as a relatable human with a relatable story. Now is a great time to steal the spotlight and put herself in a position to win the democratic primary.

Sex Sells

The last reason why Hillary Clinton can increase her poll numbers by dumping Bill is because sex sells. The Kardashians have shown how the public and media will eat up sex-based stories. Imagine all of the attention that Hillary will get when she shows up at debates and fundraisers with a hot mystery man on her arm. Once again, she can make herself relatable by discussing what it's like to be a middle-aged woman dating again, after being married for so long or what it's like to be a grandmother back in the dating game. The world will be watching to see who she dates and how much of her love life she will reveal. The mystery and allure will catapult her into the spotlight, which can greatly increase her poll numbers, if she plays her cards right.

Politics is becoming a media game and the amount of media coverage you receive can make or break a campaign. Hillary Clinton has played it safe up until this point, and her numbers are starting to slip. She has portrayed herself to be a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. However, stepping away from her husband and leaving him behind in the dust may be just what she needs to see her poll numbers increase and to give herself the ability to actually find love from someone who will respect her. And selfishly, we may want to hear about a few white house trysts that could occur if we have a single, female president.

Story by Billy Bob