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As the presidential election heats up with primaries and debates alike, candidates are often asked about their favorite presidents of years past. Many admire the great leaders of yesteryear, but those leaders are no less human than you or I. Many presidents throughout history have found that power is an aphrodisiac (perhaps even more so than appletinis) and that being known as the president of the United States gets you lots of opportunities for executive trim. What are the most famous sex scandals to take place in the White House?

Dwight and Kay

"I like Ike", stated Eisenhower's campaign buttons, a slogan that the famous four-star general may have heard often as a pick-up line. Fighting the Nazis over in Europe meant that Dwight was away for long periods of time from his wife, Mamie. It's bad enough his spouse had a really unsexy name, but put an ocean between you and your squeeze, and suddenly you find yourself looking twice at almost every girl walking by. Eisenhower might have gotten the mojo to crush Hitler in 1944 thanks to his secretary Kay Summersby, and may even have inspired a generation of porn as well. Summersby later noted in her memoir that Ike's pickle actually was rather limp, that marriage had "killed something" in his manly parts. Ike wanted to divorce Mamie, but the prospect of a scandal would sink his presidential ambitions and so he stayed with Mamie, presumably losing his ability to fly the flag at half mast all over again.



George and Jennifer

George H. W. Bush will never be known as the type of charismatic, charming president in the same manner of his predecessor and successor alike. That hasn't stopped the elder Bush from chasing tail, however, most famously with his political aide Jennifer Fitzgerald. During Bush's 1980 presidential campaign, he allegedly began having an affair with Fitzgerald to the point where his campaign manager threatened to quit if she wasn't kicked out of the picture. Bush only got the vice-presidency, meaning that the press didn't care much who he performed the horizontal tango with. Come 1988, however, Bush stood to run for president and the allegations of his good times with Fitzgerald again came to the fore. Newspapers like LA Weekly and the New York Post tripped over themselves to publish details of the affair, making Bush so angry that he threatened to exile a reporter who asked about it. The allegations remain unproven, given that the Bush family has gone to great lengths to bury any and all evidence.

Warren and Carrie

Nobody remembers anything about Warren Harding, and for good reason. Usually considered one of the worst presidents in US history, Harding said that he would rather be liked than be a great leader, resulting in not much of anything getting done for the three years he spent in the White House. One thing he certainly got done, however, was Carrie Phillips. This smashing Gibson Girl is famous not only for a different type of Teapot Dome scandal but because she's the only woman in American history who is known to have gotten away with blackmailing a president. That's right, Harding's sex scandal was more juicy than just your standard porking: Phillips threatened to go to the press to reveal hundreds of love letters that Harding sent her during his time as a senator. For her silence, she got a free trip around Asia and an annual cash settlement for the rest of her life. Harding died in office in 1923; rumors still swirl that his wife poisoned him in revenge for the affair.

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George and Sally

Would it disappoint you to know that our first and greatest president, the man on the quarter and the savior of the revolution, enjoyed boobies as much as the rest of us? Yes, you read correctly: George Washington. And its not like he had DC escort service either. The man who chopped down a cherry tree and admitted it, who crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day, who took the presidency after refusing to be a king, got it on till the break of dawn with a woman who wasn't his wife Martha. That woman was Sally Fairfax, an old flame of Washington's with whom he had tonsil-jousted before hitching up with Martha, who at the time was the richest woman in Virginia. George famously wrote love letters to Sally while he was married to Martha, so many of which that the British decided to discredit the general of the revolution by forging love letters between him and other women as well.

Story by Jacques