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scandels 2015Every year, it seems one celebrity always falls for their nanny. You'd think that Hollywood nannying would be outsourced to China at this point so that the big stars never succumb to the temptation to offer their home aides a "raise ". It seems that just because you're rich and beautiful and famous doesn't mean you don't enjoy getting a little strange here and there. What were the sauciest sex scandals in the past year?

Gwen and Gavin

Whether you love 90s pop or you love 90s grunge, you were probably saddened to hear that Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale decided to call it quits with Gwen Stefani after a 13-year marriage, one that Gwen says was brought low due to her husband's fickle pickle. Gavin was caught with the nanny perhaps only one time or perhaps one time too many, sending his former wife to divorce court after she found out that the fling was three years in the running. It's bad news for the couple, but also bad news for Bush fans, since the band wants to release a new album next year and doesn't need any distractions.

Fiddy walks right on the line between funny and crazy, like in his famous challenge to get Money Mayweather to read a single page of Harry Potter. It shouldn't surprise anyone that his tastes in makin' Jamaican bacon are also pretty funny and crazy as well. This summer, 50 decided that he would narrate over a couple's sex tape, turning his discussion of their porking into a viral phenomenon (no, not that kind of viral) where millions of people saw the innocent couple going at it like rabbits. Fiddy had to pay five million bucks in damages to the woman, which makes me wonder if I should forward him my own sex tape...all 27 seconds of it.



50 Cent

Lil' Wayne

At this point, it's easier to count the number of sex scandals that Lil' Wayne wasn't in than to create a list of ones he was in. Just a few months ago, the Internet rumor mill began cranking out the notion that Lil' Wayne was not only involved in a new sex tape, but that his attorneys were fiercely going after anyone who tried to get their grubby mitts on it. In October, the film leaked onto the web and is now playing at a search engine near you (beautifully described in the first site to pop up as "raunchy ". Lil' Wayne is wearing nothing but a pair of socks with this pair of dimes, and looks good doing it.


It wouldn't be another year in Hollywood without another round of wondering if Ben Affleck has dipped his pork sword into yet another woman of questionable moral virtue. This year, the answer was an unequivocal yes. Ben was caught cheating on Jennifer Garner...again...sending the media into a frenzy about whether they would get a divorce...again. It turned out that the couple decided to split in June, leaving millions of paparazzi wondering what they would write their next article on. It actually wasn't even the worse moment of 2015 for Affleck, because his angry pro-Muslim rant on Bill Maher went viral and drew such an incredible response that a Pakistani newspaper decided to write an open letter describing how he wasn't helping.

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