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cinderellaCinderella left her shoe behind for a reason. Little known was the fact that the Prince had a serious foot fetish. Most people don't know even his name, however, it's been suggested that it is because his name was Prince Podophilia. He may have been charming, but he was definitely obsessed with feet. Think about it, he spent some serious time putting that glass slipper on a lot of women's feet, while dragging around an entire entourage of courtier's with him. He sampled small, large and then Cinderella perfect feet.



Of course, there's a perfectly scientific reason for these desires. Neurologists have discovered foot fetishism is caused by the feet and the genitals occupying adjacent areas of somatosensory cortex in your brain, and some people get those neural synapses crosstalk between the two. This brings a whole new flavor to the antique idea of a party line. Some people even say they have orgasms in their feet, which might explain Imelda Marcos's obsession with shoes.

Freud said that foot-fetishism involved early imprinting and he considered the smell of feet significant in this, as well as the foot as penis-symbol/surrogate. However, what doesn't Freud think is some kind of penis symbol.

The first known mention of foot fetishes occurred in 1220 by a Franciscan monk in Bavaria.

Generally, foot fetishes increase in popularity when STDs are rising. It was noted in the Great Gonorrhea Epidemic of Europe in the 12th century. There was a great rise during the Syphillis epidemics of both the 16th and 19th centuries.

China held a millennia long practice of foot-binding creating what is known as the revered 'lotus foot'. This multi-generational craze was inspired by a court dancer named Yao Niang. She wanted to entrance Emperor Li Yu by dancing on her toes. She came up with the solution of binding her feet that was considered to be as lovely as the crescent moon. She appeared for her performance inside a six-foot golden lotus, creating the precursor to women popping out of cakes for entertainment.

Yao Niang created such a stir that elite women desired to attract their men in a similar manner. They had time, money and obsession and soon there were "lotus feet " everywhere, and big flapping peasant feet seemed huge compared to the doll shoe look of bound feet. And we thought the craze of Prada, obsession and we thought the craze of Prada, Uggs and other designer shoes was wild and obsessive. It became a kind of marriage currency, a daughter with a tiny foot was far more desirable and showed the families wealth.

Several well-known gentlemen have desired and delighted in fondling women's feet.

Giacomo Casanova, who is famous for his complicated affairs with women. Utter his name and you've declared someone a "womanizer ".

The German statesman Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was well known for his passion for creating lyrical poetry and drawings and love the feet of beautiful women.

Writers George du Maurier and Thomas Hardy both gloried in their obsession with feet. Who know when they were writing classics, they were imagining toe sucking tintillations.

Elvis Presley was also enamored with feet, one can only imagine what he was thinking of when he murmured, Blue Suede Shoes. There is a HUGE foot fetish community is Las Vegas as well. Many people come just to see the lovely Vegas strippers feet and stripper shoes. Oh The Shoes!

Shoes add to the allure of feet. From the tiny doll shoes of foot binding, which produces an alluring sort of gait that relied on the thigh and buttock muscles for support. Six inch heeled Candies and Pradas that alter a woman's stature making her eyes come to eye level, her breasts stick out and her gait changed to a slow sultry sway of the hips.

Betcha you only thought of feet when you had to buy Dr. Schol's inserts, not realizing you were missing a very sexy anatomy part, that when stroked, might just give you a better orgasm.

Story by Tyra